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Garden events

The summer is a very busy time here at the Treworgy Gardens at Friend’s Corner. We enjoy sharing this 65 year old, second generation gardens with garden clubs, civic groups and family and friend gatherings of all kinds. Each year we host several weddings and receptions in the garden. We hope you will come visit us and share the peace and tranquility of our very special place.

  Contact me via email  ( ) if  you are interested in booking an event for your special occasion.  On subject line write “Garden Events.” 100_4392



seed starting the easy way

Seed Starters

Seed Starters


Empty toilet paper rolls make ideal seed starting pots.
I am trying a different technique for growing tomatoes this year. I stand
toilet paper rolls tightly upright in a low water proof container and fill
the tubes to the top with seed starting mix. Water from the bottom until
the tube and soil are damp. Don’t let them sit in water after that but
keep soil only moist always watering from the bottom.I will plant my
tomato seeds( or vegetable seeds) in them. Because the tubes will
decompose in the ground there is no need to transplant them.( that is if
they are not started too early as we are often tempted to do.) When I
plant them in the ground I will leave the top part of the tube exposed to
deter cut worms. If you leave the tubes undisturbed in the tray there is
no need to close the bottom of the tube. The wet soil and eventually
roots will hold each planting tube together. Remember to give them bright
overhead light as soon as the seeds germinate. If growing them in a SUNNY
window turn them often so they don’t get leggy while reaching for the sun.

Will keep you update



mini greenhouse

mini greenhouse

Save those deli platters. They make great mini greenhouses. Place your starter trays on the platter.and place the dome lid over them. Water from the platter.  Lift top on hot days to let air circulate.  Place in good overhead light from plant light or sunny window.When seedlings are read to go outside acclimate them right in the platters. After awhile you can plant them directly into the ground continuing to use  the top as a cold frame cover and prop up with a brick on warm days.  The addition of a row cover will make it even warmer. Works great.


September garden

butterfly-on-flowerThe bees are still buzzing around the flowers in the garden.Love to know that they are such great pollinators. I have not treated my lawns or sprayed in the gardens which keeps the insects are moving around in a healthy manner.  Am sad not to see many butterflies. Just today , September 3, I saw my first monarch. They are on the verge of extinction so the national news said. How sad.  There can be several reasons and they are all environmental.  We all must take better care.


spring time

Bulbs are getting ready to bloom. It is time to fertilize with a bulb booster fertilizer. This is a great time to weed. Even grass comes up easily. Perennials can be easily transplanted now. Hopefully you have all your tools sharpened and ready to go. Now is an excellent time to edge all your gardens to give them a deliberate frame.

It is the season for pansies. Plant them around your porch for a very colorful “Welcome Spring.”
I will be selling perennials this year and have many varieties to share. You can be sure that those that I sell have wintered over in my garden for several years and are tried and true growers and bloomers. I am partial to the old fashioned varieties that fair so well in zone 4 and 5.
See you in the garden.