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When I was weeding the other day I noticed that my white bleeding heart had seeded itself everywhere around the mature plant.  My Nepeta , Six Hills Giant, also had many seedlings around it.   Instead of leaving them there I potted them up in a soil-less mix ( promix ) and will let them grow in pots near my potting shed until they get big enough to transplant into my garden again.  REMEMBER  GROUPING Of THE SAME KIND OF PLANTS MAKE A GREAT VISUAL SPLASH.  What a way to get free plants.  Plants can successfully be divided now that they are through the ground.

Happy gardening. Linda


Daylilies In The Garden

SPECTACULAR DISPLAY OF DAYLILIES IN BLOOM. I can’t remember when they have been so beautiful.



The summer gardening season is the time I look forward to throughout the year.  I  love to be outside puttering and enjoying the plot planning from the year before.  Well I must admit that some of the plantings just happen.

The vibrant pink Lichnis seeded itself throughout the gray Artemesia   in a striking combination.  In the spring I weed carefully to keep the scattered Foxglove plants. They have Just finished blooming. I must remember to let the seeds mature on the plant and drop on their own. Planting the lady¹s mantle on a slope or berm is the best as the profusion of chartreuse long-lasting blossoms cascade down a slope.

Norway Savings Bank in the center of Gorham is a prime example of mass plantings of lady’s Mantle on sloping land.  Just another reminder of what a statement can be made by planting groupings of the  same kind of perennial plant or encouraging your favorite spreading plants .  This technique is especially affective when a garden is viewed from a distance.

Each year I fill containers with some favorite plants to display where I want an accent of color.  The joy is finding new plants that will complement my old favorites.  New for me this year and is definitely a keeper is an Impatiens for the sun called SunPatiens.  It grows up to two feet tall to fill a whisky barrel and comes in two shades of pink. Also an annual that I regularly use  to lighten up the visual appeal in containers is Diamond Frost, a euphorbia with a mound of  airy white blossoms all summer.  This in combination with variegated foliage plants is striking.

When I recently discovered trailing Mezoo , (Dorotheanthus) also called Aptenia, Ice Plant , I felt like I hit the jack pot. This succulent had variegated foliage that cascades easily over the side of containers and stays very fresh looking all summer.   You can bring it in the house for the winter and propagate it by taking cuttings.   It will take some neglect and loves sun to part sun.

Remember to water deep and deadhead the spent blossoms of garden plants and potted plants.   When deadheading petunias be sure to take off the blossom and the seed pocket .   Consider planting another shade tree for the future. The most noteworthy thing about Gardeners is that they are always optimistic.  We will always envision the most beautiful  garden.


plant care for drought conditions

As dry as it has been this summer it is important to water deep. Sprinkling the garden is just a tease for plants and will not establish healthy roots.

I cut back day lilies to about 6 inches because they looked so bad. with an extra watering some new green leaves will show up shortly. The plants will not bloom again but will look refreshed in about ten days.

In early summer I cut down the wire tomato cages and placed them over my then short sedum spectable plants. Now the plants are tall and the wire cages don’t show. The plants will continue to stand tall and won’t split in the middle when the blossoms get big and put out their glorious fall bloom.  Yea, It worked!!!  these sedums have survived the drought very well.


Remember to cut off seed heads

When a plant produces seed it takes strength away from the roots and growing strength. Spend some time cutting dead flower heads off before they go to seed.   Also seeds left to ripen on the plant will fall to the ground and often create many new plants.  Some plants become invasive in this way.   Cutting back some plants may also  encourage another flush of bloom. Dead heading will make the garden look tidy.