Yesterday I went to a third grade class to talk about composting. They seemed very excited to think that they could layer their scarps of healthy foods and debris from the garden into a bin and turn it into soil.


Make layers of ingredients. BE SURE to put regular layers of garden soil in to introduce microorganisms that help the compost break down and keep down the smell. 

YOU WILL NEED some BROWN ( dried leaves . dead plants, sawdust. pine needles and some shredded newspaper. 

Some GREEN (grass clippings and kitchen vegetable scraps) 

Some SPRINKLES OF WATER to keep it damp

Some AIR CIRCULATION to help decomposition

A great website for kids to get more details

This is a great summer recycling project for families to start and it will encourage all to eat more of the fruits and veggies that can go into the compost pile. 

DO NOT USE: meat, fat, pet droppings,bones,milk products, diseased plants , oils, or wheat products.

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