seed starting the easy way

Seed Starters

Seed Starters


Empty toilet paper rolls make ideal seed starting pots.
I am trying a different technique for growing tomatoes this year. I stand
toilet paper rolls tightly upright in a low water proof container and fill
the tubes to the top with seed starting mix. Water from the bottom until
the tube and soil are damp. Don’t let them sit in water after that but
keep soil only moist always watering from the bottom.I will plant my
tomato seeds( or vegetable seeds) in them. Because the tubes will
decompose in the ground there is no need to transplant them.( that is if
they are not started too early as we are often tempted to do.) When I
plant them in the ground I will leave the top part of the tube exposed to
deter cut worms. If you leave the tubes undisturbed in the tray there is
no need to close the bottom of the tube. The wet soil and eventually
roots will hold each planting tube together. Remember to give them bright
overhead light as soon as the seeds germinate. If growing them in a SUNNY
window turn them often so they don’t get leggy while reaching for the sun.

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